Best Way To Attract Bucks

The ThermoScent™ Story

How it became the best way to attract bucks!

Attract bucks with Thermoscent

Like most great products the creation of ThermoScent™ solved an age-old problem of what is the best way to attract bucks, and everyone who has used attractants or cover scents has dealt with in the woods. Hello, my name is Darren Taylor and this is my story. In 1991, I became the newest partner at MidSouth Guns and Ammo in Sherwood, Arkansas. Over the next 13 years, I bought out my two other business associates and grew MidSouth to be one of the largest, privately owned gun shops in the South. In the early 90’s, business was booming and sales were strong as Bill Clinton became the gun salesperson of the century after imposing new firearms bans and restrictions. As we waded through the 90’s, we sought out alternate promotion methods for our growing business. This led us to create the first-ever home video show called Real Hunting Arkansas, later syndicated as Real Hunting America.

What led to the network expansion of hundreds of fledgling hunting programs broadcasting real hunting footage, started as just a couple of guys looking for a way to share their hunting experience find the best way to attract bucks, along with gathering some footage to be used for commercials. With the overnight success of home video hunting footage, amateur hunters everywhere started taking cameras to the woods to record their own hunts. Keeping It Real meant showing it as it happened, oftentimes with unedited footage from some of the most entertaining and first-person shooter perspectives recorded. No longer were we required to watch scripted, canned hunts from full-blown production crews airing fake footage like a well-rehearsed night of professional wrestling. Years in the field, sharing experiences and learning from nature, always seemed to bring the avid outdoorsmen closer to success. Regardless of being a one weekend per year hunter or the individual who works solely to take off the entire hunting season; we are always looking for new, creative and innovative ways to put the hunting odds in our favor, and find the best way to attract bucks. After years of using attractants and cover scents to increase my odds, it only makes sense that if an animal’s nose is 500-1000 times more sensitive than humans, using scents gathered from the animal would help “Keep It Real”, I realized there were certain limitations in using these types of products and traditional applications.

Cotton balls, rags tied to string drug by our boots or pouring the scent on the ground is simply not as effective as it could be. After understating the limitations and effects that weather was either washing the scent away or the sun and wind dried the scent out, we developed a more effective tool for scent application. We knew to solve the problem we had to come up with a simple to use, compact, portable yet more effective and inexpensive applicator. Not only did it need to be wind and water-resistant, but it also needed to sustain the ailments of the sun and the heat to avoid drying out. From previous and not so pleasant experiences, it was important to have a product that would not leak scent on our clothes or in our vehicle. We also thought about dual purposed applicators that could be used as potential shooting markers if produced in multiple colors. In the final and most important part of all, it was critical to provide heat to our wick in an attempt to achieve the temperature of 103-105 degrees to mirror the core temperature of the animals we hunted.

Everyone understands that adding heat to any product brings greater aromatic distribution, it does not matter if it is cookies in the oven or gland oil or urine captured from an animal, HEAT CHANGES EVERYTHING! Thus, ThermoScent™ was developed. Not only did ThermoScent™ achieve every component of what was intended to be accomplished, but we also found the best way to attract bucks. On top of that, we were able to produce the ThermoScent™ with replaceable and interchangeable wicks that can be found at any retail location. Our product is manufactured from a patented, soft and durable nylon blend that is both water and oil resistant. It is produced in several different colors that range from natural habitat blending to those with sharp contrast for easy visibility in the woods, all the while making our heat source renewable for years and years of reuse. ThermoScent™ is the game changer giving you more bang for your BUCK by “Making It Real”! Created for outdoorsmen by outdoorsmen. It remains the best way to attract bucks on the market! Good luck and if I do not see you in the woods I will see you next time.                        

Thermoscent, The best way to attract bucks 

Darren Taylor