How to Use ThermoScent

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Using Your ThermoScent™

ThermoScent™ is designed to BREATHE. Through this process, moisture moves from the inside out requiring proper wick placement for maximum effectiveness. The gel pack placement depends on the model purchased. Do not activate gel pack until pack is placed inside the pouch and attractant/cover scent has been applied to wick.

ThermoScent™ Drawstring:  Place one dry wick on top of gel pack, place both into pouch and tightly draw string.

ThermoScent™ Double Draw: Place one dry wick in the colored and white lined pouch and place gel pack in opposing all-white lined pouch.

ThermoScent™ Fold: Place dry wick on top of gel pack, place both into pouch and fold flap over.

ThermoScent™ Double F: Place one dry wick in the colored and white lined pouch, place gel pack in opposing all-white lined pouch and fold flap over.

ThermoScent™ Banger: Place dry wick on top of gel pack and place one in each pouch.

ThermoScent™D Banger: Place dry wick in each of the colored/white lined pouches, place gel pack in each opposing all-white lined pouch. The proper wick placement in the opposite pocket allows the scent to breathe effectively and avoids direct contact with gel pack. Apply approximately one teaspoon or 5-1oz droppers of attractant/cover scent to your dry wick. Do not saturate your wick; excessive saturation can cause your product to leak. Once wick and gel pack have been inserted, along with your attractant/cover scent of choice, the gel pack can be activated. By holding it upright and gently squeezing gel pack, find the dime size disk and click it. Once activated, the gel will begin to crystallize and you will immediately feel heat. Gently massage gel pack for equal distribution and place the the product in desired location.

To Properly Reactivate Gel Pack In Your ThermoScent™ Your reusable gel packs are reactivated by placing them in boiling water for 10-20 minutes, until all crystals have been dissolved and the gel has returned to a fully translucent state. When reactivating your reusable gel pack, bring 2 quarts of water to a complete boil. Place cotton cloth under gel pack prior to placing it into the boiling water. Once gel pack returns to a fully translucent state, carefully remove from water. Allow to cool and place gel pack inside the pouch for next use.

NOTE: Gel pack will be extremely HOT when removing from boiling water! Do NOT use bare hands. When cooled, the ThermoScent™ and gel pack(s) can be used again; hunt after hunt after hunt. Your activated product will heat up to 130 degrees and will remain warm for up to 40 minutes. ThermoScent™ is designed to be used with a wide variety of personally selected attractant/cover scents. We recommend you use a different one for each individualized scent selected to reduce cross contamination. With multi-color options available, your product can be used as a shooting marker in all weather conditions.

Each ThermoScent™ includes: one wick and one reusable gel pack heat source for each pouch.